Kneel Before Thy Pod

Hey, I know nobody reads this thing, but I’m gonna keep churning out these blogs. Did you notice the front page was updated? It was, because I made an introduction video for my online learning course – KNEEL BEFORE POD. I also submitted the course to Udemy, so assuming that process is smooth and easy and also simple, it should be available very soon for all you Udemy heads to sign up for, and become true pod masters. That’s neat, right? If you’re interested head over to my course page!

The Night, Properly Defended, and Other News

If you can believe it, I’ve decided to post again! An unprecedented move, to be sure. Today, April 27th, the year of our lawd two-thousand and twenty (can you believe that our world is over two thousand years old?!) my newest podcast – DEFENDERS OF THE NIGHT (it must be typed in all caps, sorry) is supposed to drop on all your favorite platforms. Unless you like some really obscure podcast platform. ANYWAY, in DOTN my cohost Liz Zerkel and I will be recapping, discussing, and analyzing the seminal mid-90s Disney animated program GARGOYLES (again, the caps are required). I suggest you subscribe on whichever podcatcher you prefer. I use Apple Podcasts, but I hope you don’t hold that against me.

So way back up there, I said supposed, because as tends to happen with podcasts, something went wrong. Something always goes wrong, right? Like, it’s the nature of the beast. I’ve been producing podcasts for seven years now, and I still have stuff go inexplicably wrong sometimes. With this launch, the episode isn’t appearing in some podcatchers. Stitcher, but not Google Podcast or Spotify. It’s in the iTunes store, but not on Apple Podcasts. What’s going on? Who knows! The point is, as podcasters, we must adapt and overcome. The show exists, the RSS feed is working, and all I can do is troubleshoot, and stay chill. The thousands upon thousands of people that are surely clamoring for this first episode will be sated! I promise them all that much for sure.

In other news, Kneel Before Pod is nearing completion. I hope to have the course live on Udemy by mid-April. I’m currently going through the editing process on the fifth video, and compiling supplementary material for each lesson. It’s coming together about as well as I could expect, which is… nice? I guess? It’ll be fine!

Alright folks, stay gold! And check out DEFENDERS OF THE NIGHT.


Kneel Before Pod and Other Amazing Tales

Well well well, wouldn’t you know it, Podcast Movement: Evolutions was a pretty good time! I met some wonderful people, discussed podcasting opportunities, listened to some interesting panel discussions, and even found some new services I’m learning to utilize in my own pod endeavors. Have you heard of Audioburst? It’s a great service for quickly creating little snippets of your show to pair with visuals, like an audiogram. They also offer transcripts of every episode you post!

Speaking of the Podcast Movement conference, I was able to speak to a couple of very nice podcasters for my Kneel Before Pod podcast – Jaime Paige of The Lowlife Tapes and Jeff Walker from the Jeff Does Vegas Podcast. Thanks again to both of these wonderful people for sitting down to talk with me!

In other news, the creation of the Kneel Before Pod online learning course is well underway. There are four completed videos as of this writing, with a fifth in development. When the course launches, you’ll be able to find it on Udemy, so that’s fun!

Finally, on a personal pod note, I’m prepping to launch a podcast of my own – DEFENDERS OF THE NIGHT! If you loved the mid-90s Disney animated show GARGOYLES, then this new podcast is right up your alley! My co-host Liz Zerkel and I will be recapping, reviewing, and dissecting this classic piece of 90s nostalgia for the next 80+ weeks! Subscribe today, and begin listening April 27th, 2020!

2020 So Far – An Update

Hello and welcome to the year 2020! The future is a strange place, and we’re all slowly adapting to this confusing new world.

At Alpha/Omega Podcasting HQ, things are progressing slightly faster than a snail’s pace. Equipment upgrades have been planned, new equipment pondered, social media (my nemesis) strategies considered… But mostly I’m prepping for a trip to Los Angeles for the Podcast Movement: Evolutions conference. There I’ll (hopefully) be learning new strategies for growing podcasts, making connections and meeting other podcasters, and if luck comes my way, chatting with beginner podcasters about the hows and whys, trials and tribulations of starting their first podcasts.

Those interviews will be used to help construct the curriculum for Kneel Before Pod: A Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting, which is the online learning course I’m building.

Speaking of – we have one completed video! So that’s fun. It came together pretty well, and was definitely a learning experience. Audio is second nature for me, but this video stuff is a whole new language.

This first video is basically an introduction to me, the course, and also covers the very very beginning of starting a podcast – prepping and planning.

Overall, 2020 has started out okay, and I’m hoping to pick up speed in the coming months, with the idea that Kneel Before Pod will launch in June. Can’t wait!