What a strapping young lad

Mr. Daniel Williams is an audio editor/engineer by trade, and a podcaster by accident.  In 2013, he slipped and fell into the medium when his pals wanted to tell funny stories, but couldn’t afford video equipment.  He figured the cheapest way to make funny videos online was to take out the visual component. Apparently it’s not a video without that part, but Daniel was more concerned about microphone choices, and stopped listening soon after.

Mr. Daniel S. Williams can swing a hammer, place a microphone, change a tire, and cook a hearty breakfast.  He’s an ordained minister, and if you meet him in person you must* address him as Reverend. He’s recorded in hotel rooms, dive bars, and the Orpheum Theater in Chicago, and is also very humble.

The Good Reverend Daniel S. Williams once wooed a lady so hard she married him.  She demanded a baby, and he made it so, because he is a champion.  He lives with circus folk and communes with animals.

*Alright, you don’t have to