Kneel Before Pod and Other Amazing Tales

Well well well, wouldn’t you know it, Podcast Movement: Evolutions was a pretty good time! I met some wonderful people, discussed podcasting opportunities, listened to some interesting panel discussions, and even found some new services I’m learning to utilize in my own pod endeavors. Have you heard of Audioburst? It’s a great service for quickly creating little snippets of your show to pair with visuals, like an audiogram. They also offer transcripts of every episode you post!

Speaking of the Podcast Movement conference, I was able to speak to a couple of very nice podcasters for my Kneel Before Pod podcast – Jaime Paige of The Lowlife Tapes and Jeff Walker from the Jeff Does Vegas Podcast. Thanks again to both of these wonderful people for sitting down to talk with me!

In other news, the creation of the Kneel Before Pod online learning course is well underway. There are four completed videos as of this writing, with a fifth in development. When the course launches, you’ll be able to find it on Udemy, so that’s fun!

Finally, on a personal pod note, I’m prepping to launch a podcast of my own – DEFENDERS OF THE NIGHT! If you loved the mid-90s Disney animated show GARGOYLES, then this new podcast is right up your alley! My co-host Liz Zerkel and I will be recapping, reviewing, and dissecting this classic piece of 90s nostalgia for the next 80+ weeks! Subscribe today, and begin listening April 27th, 2020!

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