2020 So Far – An Update

Hello and welcome to the year 2020! The future is a strange place, and we’re all slowly adapting to this confusing new world.

At Alpha/Omega Podcasting HQ, things are progressing slightly faster than a snail’s pace. Equipment upgrades have been planned, new equipment pondered, social media (my nemesis) strategies considered… But mostly I’m prepping for a trip to Los Angeles for the Podcast Movement: Evolutions conference. There I’ll (hopefully) be learning new strategies for growing podcasts, making connections and meeting other podcasters, and if luck comes my way, chatting with beginner podcasters about the hows and whys, trials and tribulations of starting their first podcasts.

Those interviews will be used to help construct the curriculum for Kneel Before Pod: A Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting, which is the online learning course I’m building.

Speaking of – we have one completed video! So that’s fun. It came together pretty well, and was definitely a learning experience. Audio is second nature for me, but this video stuff is a whole new language.

This first video is basically an introduction to me, the course, and also covers the very very beginning of starting a podcast – prepping and planning.

Overall, 2020 has started out okay, and I’m hoping to pick up speed in the coming months, with the idea that Kneel Before Pod will launch in June. Can’t wait!

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